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What is the difference between investing and trading/speculating?

Question by : What is the difference between investing and trading/speculating?
I’m interested in stocks and want to just dip my toe into the water to see how it is. I’m not looking to make millions or thousands of dollars. $ 100 a month is more than enough. I was doing a research in stock market and there is an overwhelming amount of info out there. So I have a basic question?

What is the difference between investing and trading/speculating?
How do they each make profit and how long does it take to make a profit?

Best answer:

Answer by Len
Investing calls for knowledge of equities considered for purchase. This requires strong awareness of balance sheet information and performance record for the better part of a couple of years.

Speculating is pretty much guessing, similar to how one bets on a horse or the hometown pride an joy when you root for your hoped-for winning team.

Trading refers to buying and/or selling stocks.

Bottom line:

Knowledge separates the winners from the losers for the most part. By all means,dip your toe in the water. If this work suits you and you can handle the risk, why not? Nobody can predict the future but you may do really well because this is something that intrigues you. I think nothing counts more than finding things that trigger your excitement.

Speculators make money when Lady Luck shines on them.

Stock traders make money when their educated hunches come through as evidenced by successful performance on the part of companies whose stock you own.

As a trader, I keep my finger on the time line in every holding in my portfolios in order to maximize earnings potentials. This keeps me hopping, always looking for something better that may translate into finding picks likely to mature before some others.


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